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BRONZE AWARD (Category 2): The Eco Car by Lynn Sun

“The Eco Car” by Lynn Sun Wins Bronze Award

“Imagine a dazzling car that is powered by natural energy, transforming that energy into invaluable resources, and then contributing them to the world. This is my dream car, called the Eco Car. The resilient Eco Car utilizes artificial intelligence to observe the environment, decides where the destination is, and then determines what is the most effective way to help. The car is designed in a way that the energy runs through the veins, to power up the car, and provide the appropriate resources for its tasks. As portrayed in my art, there are some cars bringing peace, love, and joy into lives; efficiently ending natural disasters; powering the world using green energy instead of fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; ameliorating climate change by chilling the temperature for the arctic animals, and supporting the process of agriculture.”

BRONZE AWARD (Category 2): The Eco Car by Lynn Sun
BRONZE AWARD (Category 2): The Eco Car by Lynn Sun

Harnessing artificial intelligence with renewable energy sources to lessen natural disasters and climate change was the genius idea behind 11-year-old Lynn Sun’s “The Eco Car,” which won the Bronze Award in the FY20 Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest. Kids, ages 4-15, can submit their drawings to the Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest. Details at www.ToyotaDreamCarUSA.com.

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