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GOLD AWARD (Category 3): Flourish & Rebloom by Celine Lee Min

“Flourish & Rebloom” by Celine Lee Min Wins Gold Award

The world could use a few of these specialized cars that help people in the wake of natural disasters. Complete with rescue helicopters and urgent care facilities plus food and fun, “Flourish & Rebloom” by Celine Lee Min, age 15 from Bellevue, Washington, won the FY2020 Gold Award in Category 3.

Min describes her car: “My dream car travels to places affected by natural disasters to replenish the land. It converts damaged streets into new grass or trees for fresh air. Small helicopters fly people to the safety of the car where it provides a reliable, temporary home for people to relax in and be free from harm. It includes a fun amusement park, a library and aquarium for education, hospitals, a food court, a balcony, water parks, and more. This encourages victims to continue dreaming for their future home instead of losing hope.”

Enter drawings by kids, ages 4 to 15, into the Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest. Details at www.ToyotaDreamCarUSA.com

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