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An imaginative solution to deliver groceries to her grandmother’s high-rise apartment was the concept of an award-winning drawing by a kindergartner from New Jersey. Using markers and watercolors, Zongxuan Helena Zou, age 5, worked more than a week to create her “Giraffe Car Delivers Happiness,” which was selected as the Gold Award Winner in her […]

Serving as a distribution point for art kits given to local families, John Elway’s Crown Toyota in Ontario, California wrapped a 2021 Toyota Corolla in artwork by six past winners and finalists of the national Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest. The car is topped with “The Jellyfish Car” by Grace Sun, age 9 with […]

For two elementary school brothers from Ann Arbor, Michigan, the ideal automotive future includes cars that battle oceanic pollution and debilitating disease. A U.S. Winner and World Winner in his age category for the 9th World Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, Michael Zhou, age 11, imagined his Handicap-Friendly Cleaning Car as an underwater vehicle that plucks […]

“People often forget the importance of memories. From humanity’s greatest milestones to the smallest moments in time, the “Memory Car” will collect them, keeping them alive. So even in the distant future, the precious dreams, stories, and experiences of the past can continue to live on and inspire others.” Celebrate history on a ride through […]