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GOLD AWARD (Category 2): The Jellyfish Car by Grace Sun

“The Jellyfish Car” by Grace Sun Wins Gold Award

Feeling a little cabin feverish? Dance in the dark with people and animals from all over the universe on a magical glow-in-the-dark “The Jellyfish Car” by Grace Sun, age 9, from Livingston, New Jersey who won the Gold Award in her age group.

Grace describes her car: “My Toyota dream car is a flying jellyfish car that can glow in the dark. It splashes out of the water, then travels through time and space into the universe that is full of wonders. The jellyfish car has tentacles that clean up the environment, rescue the sea animals, pick up and recycle the trash. On her body, there are people and animals that come from all around the world, exploring and having fun together in harmony. As an ecosystem, the jellyfish car uses its magical power to bring happiness into our lives!”

Help your kids, ages 4 to 15, enter the Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest. Details at www.ToyotaDreamCarUSA.com.

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